Saturday, April 2, 2016

Follow your belief's first.....

I was told recently that "you reap what you sow" - Well does that mean if I give my true opinion and not follow along as a sheep that I will get that in return. I hope so.... In today's political climate too many people are afraid to voice their true opinion because they feel they have to follow the crowd and that is why we get the elected officials that we get.
Myself, I will continue to sow what I believe in because I know that it is my belief and not someone else's. Now of course I am not going to be right all the time and when proven wrong I may adjust.
People believe what the believe and it doesn't make anyone else their inferior or less of a person because they believe in something or someone else - if that were the case the winners of elections would win by 99%.
So I guess what i am saying is never be afraid of the consequences if you truly believe in something. By doing this you get more respect then if you were just another person following the crowd.... Create your own crowd...

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big money in small town politics

People who live in small town America may think that it is utopia but they will never know or can even fathom how much money filters thru their towns.   Small town politicians are always vying to win election not because they want to serve the public but because they want to serve the higher ups in the party for their own advancement. 

How do they do this?  Simple, by making sure that the right (proper) professional firms get the work and contracts that they are supposed to get - not always because they are good but because they are party lackeys.   Large contributors and party loyalists get their do with nice paychecks that will come to them at the expense of good government.

When voters are asked to vote for someone because, they will be a good public servant, they should always be skeptical and do their research.  Voters need to be more knowledgeable in who they vote for and not always become blinded by what they are told.  Watch out, for when their public officials forget to represent the public and represent themselves they have sold their integrity.  As always follow the money and one will find that politics can be a lucrative business; and when that happens it is time to make changes......  Even in small town politics....

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Simple Question.... Has your party abandoned you?

Should loyalty beget loyalty? Should a person stay loyal to a political party that has abandoned that person? I am not talking about changing beliefs, but questioning loyalty.

After giving your all to your party's needs and feeling that there is no support coming back when does a person decide that "your party abandoned you".....   We hear that often but what could or should be the breaking point?

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Trump Phenomena.

Everyone is amazed by the attention and great polling that Donald Trump is getting.  Is it because people are finally making a statement that they are tired of mealy mouthed politicians?  Now don't get me wrong I am not a Donald supporter or even in the same party, but I have to agree that his tell it like it is attitude is attractive.

On the Democrat side I feel that Bernie Sanders is the one telling like it is in a more intelligent, and policy driven way.  He has bucked the system and many people are liking it.  Bernie has proven that it is time to speak your mind and that a politician is there for the people and not for special interest groups of mostly millionaires. (this is very much unlike Trump)

We the people must demand more of our politicians to be the same.  We are owed representatives that actually represent us.  Public servants that actually serve the public.  They have to stop hiding behind their rich sugar daddies and stand on their own.  Even the millionaire power brokers only have one vote, and the 99% outnumber the 1%.  

So even though he is bombastic, bigoted, chauvinistic and an arrogant 1%er, Trump has proven that people do want a person who speaks to them....  Just that it is a person like Bernie Sanders has a better and sincere presentation.....

Sunday, November 8, 2015

It all begins with the Committee People....

A political organization is like an army. To win you need a united front of foot soldiers that are called Committee-people. These volunteers are the backbone and the most powerful people in an organization. Without them there would be no elected officials.
This position has to be taken seriously and worked with passion. A committee person is an should be the King &/or Queen of their district. In most cases they are the people who candidates will rely on because the know the people who vote and the people to see in their district.
I am proud to be an elected Supervisor but I am also proud to be an elected committeeman in my district. As a committeeman I get to help others get elected and have met State Reps, State Senators, Congresspeople etc. Why? Because they need a committee person knowledge of the territory to win.
Some people want to bypass this elected position and go to the top. They always realize eventually that without the committee person's help it is an uphill battle.
So if you want to get involved and want to be respected in your organization, start where the power really is. Become that all important committee person - the candidates need you.
Pass it on!!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Well intentions fade away quickly

I am sure that whenever someone new throws their hat into the political ring they have all the intentions of standing up to those, elected officials they feel are weak and bowing to the status quo.  Most may feel that veteran politicians are always worried about who will and who won't vote for them and they eventually sell their soul for the vote count.

Well righteous newcomer, it will only be a matter of time before you will be looking out the same progression of events.  You may have those fights with the establishment for your first few years while you are making you bones; but when it comes time for you to even consider reelection you will start looking at what blocks of voters are more - the ones you came to the dance with or the ones you need to make happy.

When this time comes and if you are true to your convictions, just pick up a book called "Profiles in Courage" and see what some heroes sacrificed for the sake of their political careers.  Doing the right thing could be easy but the wrong or safe thing is always easier.  Which will you choose?  After you have addressed that then you can call yourself a politician or a public servant....

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Political Enemy.... Or Ally......

During a political campaign of in the world of politics in general...

Remember those who may need your assistance in the future and use it as leverage to get what you may need at the moment.

Never let a political enemy know they are an enemy, because they may be an ally sometime in the future. Sometimes you may agree with that so called enemy and then forge an alliance. Stranger things have happen when looking to defeat a common threat....