Saturday, January 31, 2015

No more Mitt

Well everyone the suspense is over and that political powerhouse Mitt Romney has declared - no presidency for him.  Someone finally woke him up from his dream and our nightmare and let him know that he would go down as the most losing candidate (well Ralph Nader not included) of the two party system.  He simply had no idea of how to deal with the common working class.  How can he identify with an unemployed person, or someone who may be losing their home because the big thieving banks were to be to fail?

Now let's look at the remaining headliners on both sides.  Honestly none of them would have the common man identity about them.   Clinton, Bush are just dynasties who are owned by Wall Street.... They just cater to Main Street at election time.  Christie can only identify with big mouth bullies and makes East Coast pols look like cast members of the Sopranos.... Heck lets even include Cuomo in that type casting....   Now Biden and Warren are the real deal and would fight for Main Street but without Wall Street money how can they compete except for appealing to good old fashion populist politics;  and YES it could be done.  After all the 99% are more than the 1% - and although the 1% has the money they can only vote once in the voting booth.

So even though it is good riddance to rich boy Mitt we still have to but up with two continual presidential families,  some blow hard bullies, or under financed progressives....  Heck I haven't even gotten to "I never finish a term" Palin, or that holier then thou Huckabee....  Wow thank god I get involved in local politics - now thats where our lives are truly effected...

Monday, January 5, 2015

Respect All and try to Understand....

In recent months there has been many disturbances between the regular citizenry and the police departments throughout much of the country.  This should not be anything new and shocking.  During the recent holiday week i have been watching many documentaries and there has always be a somewhat distrust between the police and even the regular law abiding citizens.  People just seem to look at a person differently when they are wearing a badge and gun.  And one must say that at times i am sure the the police look at all people as potential criminals.

Now i am not saying that this is always the way.  I feel that the police should be looked at as regular members of the community whose job is to "Serve and Protect" but at times they have been put into positions in which they are arresting those that they should be protecting.

The Civil Rights Movement,  the Anti Vietnam protests - the 1969 Democratic Convention are just a few of clashes that the police have had with the regular public.  Now when i say regular public i mean people who are or really no danger except to the egos of those of authority.  These samples of bloody clashes have cause some distrust of how people will be handled during certain gatherings.   We all must realize that we are all in this - the right to protest - together and no one should fear that civil disagreement with get them a wack of the billy club and treated like a criminal.

Also the police are our protectors and deserve respect;  but then again everyone no matter who they may be deserves respect.  Although we will not always get along with each other it may be time to understand each other and what turmoils some have gone thru.  Restraint and patience will go a long way when trying to reason out what that other person is thinking when disagreeing with one another.

Community is what is most important.  We are all part of one and belong to one.  This is what we must all realize before anger and violence over comes us.  We must all respect our community and the people in it whether they be the police or protesters they are people that you will see again after all the dust has settled.  Would you want to be able to look them in the eye know that all you have done was to agree to civilly disagree.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Fight for the People….

Without financial reform all well intended elected officials will fall by the wayside.  Those who maintain their integrity will find it an uphill battle against those who have sold out to the almighty dollar/donor.

If the ones who have given up their beliefs for dollars to get ahead think they are fooling anyone they are only fooling themselves.

Remember that the reason you are there is because you were original at one time and the voters saw that in you.  Once you sell out to the money mongers you've become no different then those you may have fought against.  Every once in a while take a long look in the mirror and try to recognize the person you used to be……

We need elected officials who will fight for the people who elected them and not for the power brokers who want them to do their dirty work.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

What happened to the 99%?

I am writing this because I am sick and tired of the 1% continually pushing the 99% around as if they were nothings or nobodies.  The last time I looked the 99% was larger then 1%.   The problem now is where did the 99% go?  What happen to all the protests and gathering in the streets to make the awareness of the inequality and misuse of power and money.  Now don't get me wrong I believe everyone should have the chance to earn as much money as they like; but just not at the expense of or off the backs of working poor.  I am also not saying that the rich have to give something to the poor - put just there should be a chance for everyone to achieve a higher status in life;  that is what America has always been about.

We are now forming a nation of have's and have not's.  A super rich or mega rich and a super poor class or caste.  When we have an elected body; that is supposed to represent the people and not corporations (oh right corporations are people), but all they seem to worry about is kissing the hand of  rich contributors.  Don't they realize that if they do wrong by these fat cats their funding will end.  But if they were to do right by the people they would have loyalty for their whole political career.   Now that is what the 99% has to come to grips with, they need to go to the polls and show their power and eliminate the careers of these phony money hunger scum.   Again 99 is larger then 1.

The 99% must take up like their parents and/or grandparents did in the 60's and early 70's and take the battle to the streets in protest.  It was working for a while with the protest about Wall Street - but then that fizzled out and the Wall Street rapers are still making their big money.   The big banks still survive (put your money and accounts in your community banks) and pay their robber baron CEOs multi-million dollar bonuses for losing money.  Time to protest - boycott and hit them where it hurts.

As for those elected officials who do not want you to have a working wage, well send them to the unemployment line before they become millionaires.  It is amazing that Congress seems to be similar the Great Britain's  House of Lords;  royalty that does nothing.   Elect those who actually make sense and are willing to govern and not those who say anything to get elected and then re-elected, only to go back on what they promised.  If those who represent you do not want to increase the minimum wage, then demand that they make minimum wage.   If they are against all citizens in the richest country in the world to have health care, then take away their health care.  If they are against social programs that help the people who vote for them,  then have them and their families forfeit Social Security and Medicare.  Let them set an example and live by the way of life they want to deprive you of.

99% you need to get out there and let yourself be heard.  Be heard and hold those accountable for NOT representing the 99% but the 1%.   Be heard or one day the 1% will just "let you have cake."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Justice Department To Review George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin Case

Here are some rules pertaining to the establishment and running a proper Community Watch...

Did Mr. Zimmerman follow any of these rules?

Make sure your citizen patrol:

-Undergoes training by law enforcement and have their support;

-Works in teams;

-Wears identifying clothing -t-shirts, caps, vests, .jackets-or reflective clothing or patches;

-Never carries weapons of any kind — e.g. guns, black jack, mace, baseball bat, or knives;

-Never challenges anyone;

-Always carries a pad and pencil, and a flashlight if it is dark;

-Is courteous and helpful to residents of the area being patrolled: and

-Keeps logs and files reports with the local law enforcement agency.

Was he really community watch or self appointed vigilante?
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Friday, July 12, 2013

JPMorgan Chase Fires Back At Warren-McCain Plan To Reinstate Glass-Steagall

All we have to do is look to our neighbors to the north, Canada. They have never had a banking scandal and continue to run a reputable banking system. Why? Regulation. When dealing with the public's money our banks should be regulated as to what they can do. And who really cares about Mr. Dimon; he should be locked away. How many lives has he ruined with his banking and mortgage decisions. He and his hotshot fellow bankers are the reason we are still digging out of this financial debacle. If this was the "Game of Thrones" times Mr. Dimon would be confined to the Rack or beheaded. Let us hope that our politicians have the cohones to reinstate the proper regulations and protect the working man and not the rich thieves... and remember 99% is more than 1%.
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Elected Cowards.....

How do we expect local elected officials not to cower to undue influence & campaign money when the higher ups in the Senate lead the way in cowardliness. Killing the back-round checks on gun purchases may give them some more "blood money" from the NRA but also showing they just didn't care about the blood shed by those who died in Newtown, Conn. & other gun tragedies. Shame on you, you cowardly slobs....